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Xi'an University of Technology currently conducts cooperation and exchanges with 20 universities and research institutes abroad. Every year, we invite over 100 foreign experts to do joint research and give lectures. In turn, we send the equivalent number of teachers to attend international academic symposiums and carry out the academic visits, as well as sending the students and young teachers of our university to pursue master's degree and doctor's degree in foreign universities. At the same time, we often invite overseas students to visit our university and implement the double-diploma education program for international students in collaboration with foreign institutions.

Our International Partners:

University Country Time of Signing Agreement
University of Aberdeen U.K. Mar. 2012
Israel Institute of Technology Israel Jan. 2012
University of Sheffield U.K. Jan. 2012
Metropolitan State University U.S. Nov.2011
University of Bridgeport U.S. Jul.2011
St.Cloud State University U.S. Oct.2010
University of North Carolina at Pembroke U.S. Jul.2009
University of Wolverhampton U.K. Jun.2009
Dublin University of Technology Ireland Jun.2009
University of Wollongong Australia May.2009
Edith Cowan University Australia Apr.2009
Sungkyunkwan University R.O. Korea Apr.2005
Technical University of Kosice Slovakia Oct. 2004
Mie University Japan Aug. 2003
Singapore Polytechnic Singapore Jun. 1999
Technical University of Illmenau Germany Sep. 1997
Kinki University Japan Apr. 1993
College of Science and Technology,
Nihon University
Japan May. 1988
Media University of Stuttgart Germany Feb. 1986
Fukui University Japan Sep. 1985