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Faculty of XUT

Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering is one of the earliest faculties of Xi’an University of Technology. It was once well-known for the development of the technique of the horizontal continuous mat1casting–direct rolling for cast iron as well as the technique of rapid thin layer carburization. The present scientific research is involved in the domains of design, shaping and surface modification for metal and non-metal materials, which have won 4 National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology and 22 National Technology Invention Awards.

The education tenet of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering is that “Theory and Practice,and Knowledge and Ability Shall Be Regarded As Equally Important”. About 9000 graduates have been playing an active role in many large and medium-sized enterprises and research institutions all over China. Kinki University, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan and Teer Coatings Ltd, UK, are the partners of this Faculty on the research of preparation of functional films and metal surface modification. And it has a long well-established relationship in this regard with these universities overseas.

The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering consists of 6 departments, 5 materials project research centers, and 4 laboratories. This faculty offers 3 programs for doctoral degree, 3 programs for master’s degree, 5 mat2programs for bachelor’s degree and 1 post doctoral research program. There is also an Engineering Master program of Materials Science. Also established at XUT is the publication of academic magazine Founding Technology. Moreover, the specialty of Corrosion and Protection Engineering Technology is established as the key research centre at the provincial level.

There are 20 professors, 21 associate professors., 68 doctoral students, 271 postgraduates, 1564 undergraduates in this faculty.

Programs offered:

Bachelor's Programs

  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Materials Physics
  • Materials Processing and Control Engineering
  • Materials Chemistry
  • New Energy Materials and Devices

Master's Programs

  • Materials Science
  • Materials Physics and Chemistry
  • Materials Processing Engineering

Doctoral Programs

  • Materials Physics and Chemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Materials Processing Engineering

Main Research Fields:

Main Research Fields Professor E-MAIL
Ceramics and Ceramic Composites Zhao Kang
Film Physical Chemistry Zhao Gaoyang
Forming and Characterization of Nanomaterials Zhao Jingzhong
Infiltration Principles and Technology Liang Shuhua
Investigation of High Performance Nano-magnetic Materials You Caiyin
Metal Matrix Composite Xu Yunhua
Micro-arc oxidation equipment and technology for light alloy Shi Huiying
New Functional Apparatus Materials Chen Wenge
Preparation and Surface Modification of Ultra-fine Powder Zhao Meiqun
Rapid Solidification and Advanced Materials Xu Jinfeng
Solidification Principle and Microstructure Control Zhang Zhongming
Structural-functional Integrated Materials Wang Xianhui
Surface Engineering and Protection Feng Lajun
Liang Ge
Zhang Guojun
Technology and Applications of Magnetron Sputtering Jiang Bailing
Tribology of Materials,Study on Microstructures and Properties of Advanced Materials Lv Zhenlin
Wear Resistant Materials Zhang Yunpeng
Lei Ali
Wedding Technology Including Quality Control Zhang Min
Welding of Advanced Materials & Development of Metal-glass Brazing Filler Zhai Qiuya