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Faculty of XUT

Faculty of Printing and Packaging Engineering

The Faculty of Printing and Packaging Engineering is the earliest established institute specializing in printing and packaging engineering in China. With the clearly defined education style, it is mainly devoted to cultivating the professional technical talents of high-level in the domain of printing and packaging. One of the strongest features of the faculty is that it provides unique printing and packaging courses which are only available in a few counterparts in China. Our teaching principle is based on the concept that "Theory and Practice Shall be Regarded as Equally Important". Therefore, it has over 20 practice bases in printing and packaging enterprises which the faculty has good cooperation relationships with all over China. This faculty also attaches great importance to the international cooperation, and it has an over 20-year history of cooperation for exchange programs with Media University of Stuttgart, Germany. The exchange students of this program are granted the bachelor's degrees both from German and Chinese universities after they can successfully accomplish the course's requirements. At present, over 10 famous enterprises such as MAN-ROLAND and Beiren Group Corporation have already set up the scholarship for the excellent students in this faculty. The specialty of printing and packaging engineerting owns a Shaan'Xi provincial key laboratory.

The Faculty of Printing and Packaging Engineering consists of 5 departments and 2 research centers. They are as follows: the Department of Printing Equipment, Printing Technology, Packaging Engineering, Information Science and Artistic Design, Image and Information Processing Laboratory and Printing and Packaging Laboratory.

This faculty now offers 1 doctoral degree program ,3 master's degree programs, 1 professional master's degree, and 4 bachelor's degree programs. In the faculty there are 13 professors, 15 associate professors, 7 part-time professors, and 8 German honorary professors. There are 7 doctoral students, 187 postgraduates and 1240 undergraduates studying in this faculty.

Programs offered:

Bachelor's Programs

  • Printing Engineering
  • Digital Media Technology
  • Packaging Engineering

Master's Programs

  • Food Science
  • Signal and Information Processing
  • Printing and Packaging Technology and Equipment

Doctoral Programs

  • Printing and Packaging Technology and Equipment

Main Research Fields:

Main Research Fields Professor E-MAIL
Application of Test and Control in Printing Equipment Zhao Qinghai
Color Image Processing Hu Tao
Color Information Processing and Printing Reproduction Technology Zhou Shisheng
Functional Packaging Materials Ren Penggang
Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Information Processing Zhang Erhu
Packaging Materials and Its Waste Treatment Technology Fang Changqing
Printing Image Processing and Printing Ability Liu Xin
Printing Information Copy Technology and Quality Test Cao Congjun
Printing System Engineering Cheng Ganghu
Quality Control of Package Printing and Anti-Counterfeit Technique Huang Yingwei
Theory and Application Research and System Emulation of Printing Machinery Zhang Haiyan
Wu Jimei
Transportation Package Guo Yanfeng