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Faculty of XUT

Faculty of Automation and Information Engineering

The Faculty of Automation and Information Engineering is a multidisciplinary institute with a 50-year history specializing in various fields such as electron, electrics, automation and information. It is one of the faculties covering the widest range of specialties and with the most students in Xi'an University of Technology. The teaching tenet of this faculty is "Emphasize the Combination of Basic Theory and Practical Ability". It is involved in many projects funded by the National Science Fund of China, Key Technologies R&D Program, Hi-Tech R&D Program of China, Key Popularization Plan of the National Sci-Tech Results and other key research projects at the ministerial or provincial level. Two key research centers are attached to this faculty: Shaanxi Engineering Research Center for Semiconductor Materials and Growth Technology and Engineering Research Center for Information and Control.

The Faculty of Automation and Information Engineering consists of 4 departments and 4 experimental and teaching centers. This faculty offers 11 programs for Doctoral degree, 15 programs for Master's degree, 2 programs for Engineering Master's degree, and 8 for bachelor's degree. It also offers 3 post-doctoral research programs.

In this faculty, there are 33 professors, and 43 associate professors, 114 Ph.D students, 774 postgraduates and 3569 undergraduates.

Programs Offered:

Bachelor's Programs

  • Automation
  • Communication Engineering
  • Electronic Information Engineering
  • Electric Engineering and Automation
  • Electronic Science and Technology
  • Electronic Technology and Information Science
  • Micro-Electronics
  • Internet of Things Engineering

Master's Programs

  • Control Theory and Control Engineering
  • Measurement Technology and Automation Installations
  • Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
  • Power System and Automation
  • Power Electronics and Electric Drive
  • Circuit and System
  • Micro-Electronics and Solid Electronics
  • Communication and Information System
  • Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
  • Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Navigation, Guidance and Control
  • Physical Electronics
  • Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus

Doctoral Programs

  • Power Electronics and Electric Drive
  • Micro-Electronics and Solid Electronics
  • Control Theory and Control Engineering
  • Physical Electronics
  • Circuits and Systems
  • Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
  • Detection Technology and Automation Equipment
  • System Engineering
  • Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
  • Navigation, Guidance and Control

Main Research Fields:

Main Research Fields Professor E-MAIL
Advanced Control and Automation Installations Sun Qiang
Array Signal Processing Zhang Zhiyu
Complex Systems and Application Wang Lin
Complex System Modeling and Control Liu Han
Complex System Optimization Qian Fucai
Computer Communication and Network Wang Xinfang
Distributed Power Generation System Based on Renewable Energy Sources Sun Xiangdong
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Xi Xiaoli
Electronics and Computer Control System Zeng Guang
Image recognition and Information fusion Zhang Xiaohui
Image Processing and Application Zhu Hong
Intelligent Computing and Pattern Recognition. Ma Xuan
Intelligent Robot Yang Yanxi
Modeling and Control for Complex Industrial System Zheng Gang
Modern Communication Technology Ke Xizheng
Motion Control and Intelligence Method Liu Ding
Modern Power Technology and Intelligent Measurement and Control System Li Minyuan
New type of Sensor and Detection Technology Li Qi
Nonlinear Systems and Complex Dynamics Ren Haipeng
Novel Semiconductor Devices and Materials Pu Hongbin
Novel Power Semiconductor Devices Chen Zhiming
Novel Semiconductor Devices and Design of Integrate Circuit Gao Yong
Power Electronics and AC Motor Drive Zhong Yanru
Power Electronics and its Application in Power Systems Tong Xiangqian
Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Generation Zhang Hui
Power Electronic Devices and Computer Control Technology Li Shouzhi
Power System Analysis and Protective Relaying. Duan Jiandong
Research and Design on LSI Circuit Yu Ningmei
Researches on Modern Power Electronics Converters and Its Applications in Industry Wang Huamin
Researches on Power Distribution Automation Application Technologies Yu Jianming
Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits YangYuan
Signal Processing,Image Processing, and Pattern Recognition Liang Junli
System Control and Information Fusion Based on Network Environment Liu Jun
New Power Semi-conductor Device and Power Integration Wang Cailin