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Faculty of XUT

Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering was combined by the Computer Center and the Discipline of Computer Science and Technology in 2002, which shoulders the responsibility of public basic computer education as well as cultivate undergraduates and postgraduates majoring in computer science and technology.

The tenet of this faculty is "Teaching Shall Be Based on Theory and Oriented by Application." Focusing on the development of important branches of the specialty of computer,this faculty attaches great importance to the basic knowledge of computer science as well. It also commits itself to deeper continual research in 4 fields: computer software, computer network, computer security and intellectual system application. Oriented by the key demands of the information construction of China, the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering is engaged in several national and Shaanxi provincial projects of science and technology, and also cooperating with various enterprises. All these applications and cooperation have given the faculty a boost in academic achievements in R&D and teaching.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering consists of 3 departments and 2 research centers. They are the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Internet Engineering and Software Engineering; Computer Laboratory Centre and Research Centre of Computer Science and Engineering Technology. Moreover, the specialty of Internet Calculation and Security is established as a key laboratory at the provincial level. This faculty offers 4 programs for master's degree, 4 for bachelor's degree. It can also grant the Engineering Master's degree in the field of computer technology.

In the faculty, there are 9 professors, 21 associate professors, 183 postgraduates and 948 undergraduates.

Programs offered:

Bachelor's Programs

  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Network Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • The Internet of Things Engineering

Master's Programs

  • Computer Software and Theory
  • Computer Application Technology
  • Computer-System Structures
  • Software Engineering

Main Research Fields:

Main Research Fields Professor E-MAIL
Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition Wang Lei
Network and Information Security Lv Lintao
Zhang Yaling
Sun Qindong
Network Intrusion Detection and Trusted Computing Zhang Jing
Software Methodology Wang Yinghui
System Integration and Grid Computing Li Junhuai
Theories and Technologies in Software Engineering Zhang Yikun
Theories and Technologies in Network Engineering Yao Quanzhu