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Faculty of XUT

Faculty of Water Resources and Hydroelectric Engineering

The predecessor of the Faculty of Water Resources and Hydroelectric Engineering was the Hydraulics Department of Northwestern Technical Faculty established in 1937. This faculty has a nearly 70-year teaching history. The teaching and research of the faculty closely merger with the characteristics in the northwest region of China. Therefore the graduates are always playing a significant role in the development in various institutes of hydraulic engineering and design. This faculty is involved in many important research projects sponsored by National Natural Science Fund of China and of Shaanxi Province, which is especially well-known for its key technologies to tackle the problems such as water management and exploration of water resource strategies in arid and semi-arid regions and large and medium-sized core projects of the upper and middle stream area of Yellow River. This faculty boasts mainly the specialties relating to hydraulics as well as other disciplines as follows: environmental engineering, agricultural civil engineering and electrical engineering. It also has close cooperation with its counterparts in Japan and Singapore. This faculty has won 3 second class prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award and National Teaching Results Award in the recent 5 years.

This faculty consists of 10 departments, 11 laboratories and an institute of water resources and hydroelectric civil construction design. It offers 8 programs for doctoral degree among which 5 are national key disciplines, 13 for master's degree, and 6 for bachelor's degree. This faculty offers 2 post doctoral research programs as well. Besides, it also offers 2 programs for Engineering Master's degree: Hydraulic Engineering and Civil Engineering and Architecture. Moreover, the discipline of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering is established as the distinctive specialty among national universities with the core course's teaching team being of state level. It has also been authorized to build a national level key lab named Shaanxi Provincial Northwest Arid Area Eco-hydraulic Engineering National Key Laboratory Constructed Jointly by Province and Ministry.

In the faculty there are 36 professors, 30 associate professors, 204 doctoral students, 453 postgraduates, and 1369 undergraduates.

Programs Offered:

Bachelor's Programs

  • Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
  • Water Supply and Drainage Engineering
  • Energy and Power Engineering
  • Hydrology and Water Resources
  • Electrical Engineering and Automation
  • Environmental Engineering
  • New Energy Science and Engineering
  • Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering

Master's Programs

  • Mechanized Agriculture
  • Hydrology and Water Resources
  • Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
  • Hydraulics and River Dynamics
  • Agricultural Water and Soil Engineering
  • Port, Coast and Near-Coast Engineering
  • Agricultural Biological Environmental and Energy Engineering
  • Hydraulic Structure Engineering
  • Agricultural Electrification and Automation
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating
  • Fluid Machinery and Engineering
  • Environment Science

Doctoral Programs

  • Hydrology and Water Resources
  • Hydraulics and River Dynamics
  • Hydraulic Structure Engineering
  • Hydropower Engineering
  • Port, Coast and Near-Coast Engineering
  • Environment Science
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Agricultural Water and Soil Engineering

Main Research Fields:

Main Research Fields Professor E-MAIL
Air Pollution Control Engineering Xu Guosheng
Anti-Seismic Hydraulic Structures Li Shouyi
Chai Junrui
Arid Hydrology and Rainfall-Flood Erosion Shen Bing
Li Zhanbin
Automatic System and Devices in Power Plant Wang Deyi
Jia Rong
Body Configuration Test of Discharge Structures and Simulation Analysis Tian Jianing
Coupling of Fluid with Solid and Application Sun Jian
Eco-hydrology Li Huaien
Ecological Restoration and Management Methods Cheng Wen
Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control Feng Minquan
Environmental Hydraulics Liu Yuling
Fluid Mechanical Technology Luo Xingqi
Liao Weili
Liang Wuke
Li Yuxia
High Speed Hydraulics Niu Zhengming
HVDC Transmission and Flexible AC Power Transmission Yang Xiaoping
Hydrology and Water Resources Qin Yi
Hydro-Structure Stress Analysis Wang Ruijun
Hydropower Unit Control Zhang Jiangbin
Modern Flow Test Technology Application Feng Jianjun
Multi-Flow Technology and Application Ning Lizhong
Power Generation Process Control and Equipment Diagnostics Nan Haipeng
Power System Planning and Operation Yao Lixiao
River Sediments Wei Bingqian
Li Guodong
Relay Protection Liu Jiajun
Saving Water Irrigation Agro-Water Resources Utilization Fei Liangjun
Luo Wan
Bai Dan
Soil Erosion Process Simulation and Environment Response Li Peng
Soil Reclamation and Water-Saving Irrigation Technology Wang Quanjiu
Water Conservancy Monitoring and Safety Management Informationization Yang Jie
Water Environment Simulation and Repairs Jia Zhonghua
Water Resources Conservation Dang Zhiliang
Water Pollution Control Zhou Xiaode
Water Resources Management Xie Jiancang
Water Resources System Engineering Huang Qiang
Chang Jianxia
Water Resources Utilization Zhang Jianfeng
Song Xiaoyu
Water Supply Engineering Zhu Manlin
Waterway and Coastal Engineering Wei Wenli
Water Resources Systems Engineering Wang Yimin