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Faculty of XUT

Faculty of Higher Vocational and Technical Education

The Faculty of Higher Vocational and Technical Education of Xi'an University of Technology is located outside of Yuxiang Gate of the ancient rampart of Xi'an which is seen as the starting point of the Silk Road. It has a history of 50 years for technical vocational education. The tenet of this faculty is "Cultivate Practical Intellectuals for the Manufacture's and Management and Offer Technical Training Programs". The Faculty of High Vocational Education now offers 16 training programs including computer application, mechanical mould, and numerical control technology. It consists of 4 departments: the Department of Information & Controlling Engineering, Machinery & Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, and Humanities & Management. This faculty also has 31 laboratories and training centers, 20 off-campus practice bases, 1 electromechanical training center with a maximum accommodation capacity of 400 students.

Among 114 teachers of this faculty, there are 45 associate professors. It has a total student population of 3638. The graduates of this faculty can obtain not only their graduation diplomas, but also the related technical certificates after they successfully accomplish their course and training programs.

Programs offered:

  • Processing Automation Technology
  • Precision Mechanical Technology
  • Electric Automation Technology
  • Mechanical Design and Manufacture
  • Electronic Information Engineering Technology
  • Mould Design and Manufacture
  • Applied Electronic Technology
  • Mechanical & Electronic Equipment and Management
  • Electromechanical Technology
  • Computer and Application Technology
  • Numeric Control Technology
  • E-Commerce
  • Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
  • Secretary
  • Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture