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Faculty of XUT

Faculty of Economics and Management

The Faculty of Economics and Management was originally established in 1958. It was first known as the Engineering Economics Department of Beijing Institute of Mechanical Engineering. It is also one of the earliest engineering institutes of higher learning setting up management discipline. So far, 7000 students have already graduated from the faculty and were always playing an active role in all walks of social life. With the spirit of "Pioneering, Developing, Precise, Practical",the Faculty of Economics and Management involves the academic fields of Business Administration, Finance, and E-Commerce, cooperating with famous research institutes and universities both at home and abroad. The Faculty of Economics and Management was one of the first batch of universities entitled to grant the MBA Degree in China in 1997. In 2009, it was also authorized to confer degree of EMBA.

The Faculty of Economics and Management consists of 9 departments and 1 research center. They are as follows: the Department of Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Marketing,International Trade,Accountancy,Finance,Information Management,E-Commerce,Applied Economics and Research Institute of Urban Economy Development Strategy.This faculty offers 5 doctoral programs,11 master's programs,12 bachelor's programs and 1 post doctoral research program.

In the faculty there are 29 professors,30 associate professors,121 Ph.D students,1144 postgraduates,and 1968 undergraduates.

Programs offered:

Bachelor's Programs

  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Information Management and Information System
  • Accounting
  • International Economics and Trade
  • E-Commerce
  • Finance
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Human Resource Management
  • Economics
  • Public Administration
  • Culture Industry Management

Master's Programs

  • Regional Economics
  • Enterprise Management
  • Accounting
  • Tech-Economics and Management
  • Management Science and Engineering
  • Finance
  • International Trade
  • MBA
  • Economics of Population, Resources and Environment
  • EMBA
  • Tourism Management

Doctoral Programs

  • Management Science and Engineering
  • Enterprise Management
  • Accounting
  • Tourism Management
  • Tech-Economics and Management

Main Research Fields:

Main Research Fields Professor E-MAIL
Corporate Financial and Capital Market Li Bingxiang
Costing Management and Net Finance Xia Bin
Electronic Commerce Zhang Yongjin
Enterprise Cluster and Industrial Organization Theory Guo Lihong
Enterprise Informationization and ERP project implementation Zhu Zongqian
Financial Engineering and Venture Management Hu Wenxiu
Financial Innovation and Financial Management Hu Haiqing
Financial Market and Investment Yin Zhongmin
Human Resources Management Lin Jun
Liu Zeshuang
Human Resources and The Development of Regional Economy Zhang Mengwu
International Business Management Xue Weixian
Investment and Risk Management Wu Yanxia
Management Accounting Zhang Hualun
Management Decision-Making Theory Method and Application Li Suicheng
Management System Engineering Xiong Guoqiang
Organization Theory and Organization Behavior Chen Aijuan
Population, Resource,Environmental Economics Yang Dongmin
Production and Operations Management Yang Shuili
Liu Chenguang
Project Management and Quality Engineering Liu Shuqing
Regional Economics and System Optimization Xiong Yijie
Relationship Marketing Chen Jingdong
Supply Chain and Logistics Management Chen Juhong
Technological Innovation Theory and Management Dang Xinghua
Yang Yi
Theory and Methods on Techno-Innovation Network Jiang Junfeng