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Faculty of XUT

Faculty of Further Education

The Faculty of Further Education has always been devoted to the development of education since 1958. It is also one of the earliest established institutes of further education in the Northwest region of China. The tenet of this faculty is "Life-Long Education and Quality-Oriented Education ". The principle with the new concept is to "Prepare for the Specialty, Plan for Opportunities and Practice the Undertaking of the role within the Specialty", which always guides the teaching activities of this faculty. All the teachers are from other faculties of Xi'an University of Technology. The Faculty of Further Education sets up different course packages to meet different needs: night faculty courses, correspondence education and full-time higher vocational technical education. It offers programs for bachelor's degree, and vocational technology education to train the skillful intellectuals. The Shaanxi Technical Training Center is also attached to this faculty. The length of schooling is: 4 years for bachelor's degree, 2-3 years for vocational education, and 5 years for bachelor's degree through correspondence education. The graduates of this faculty can obtain not only their graduation certificates, but also the related technical certificates as long as they finish their required courses and pass the corresponding examinations. The total student population is 5748.

Programs offered:

  • Electromechanical Technology
  • Electronic Information Engineering Technology
  • Computer and Application Technology
  • Project Supervision
  • Commerce English
  • Tourism English
  • International Economy and Trade
  • Economic Laws